Our Story


At a national conference on mucopolysaccharidosis in 2019, we raised a question on how to achieve early diagnosis of the disease. Shortly after that, a hand-written note was left on the table at where we sat. The note was from “Aaron’s mom” who thanked us for raising the question that has been on her mind.

As more uncharted disease areas are being tackled with novel treatments, continued medical education becomes more important. At P2P Syncro, we are committed to help busy clinicians keep up with the advancement of medicine. We want to tell Aaron’s mom that the lives of patients like her son can be improved.  



Our Solution


Starting from patient

We identify educational gaps and we select program audience by taking feedback from the patients into consideration. 

Driven by innovation

We constantly finding new ways to deliver effective programs. We bring concise information to the fingertips of clinicians. 

Connecting peers

Making difficult diagnoses and managing complex diseases require team approach. Peer communication is our focus.

Building on data

We design programs utilizing data from pilot projects. We value real world evidence when evaluating program effectiveness.

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